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About Us


House of Glynatsis productions is a UK based film production company founded by emerging filmmaker and actor, Yorgo Glynatsis. Our aim is to tell authentic, impactful, inspiring and thought-provoking stories with diversity and inclusivity as the forefront. Challenging stereotypes and pushing boundaries for authentic representation on and off screen. We advocate for a positive, supportive, respectful and compassionate creative work environment and choosing our clients and projects that are in alignment with our ethos.

Freelancers we work with

Directors of Photography :

Matt Thomas:

BAFTA member Natalja Safronova:

Thomas Line: 

Producers :

Tina Zucco:

Sophia Vi:

​Post-Production Editors and Visual effects:

Lêif-Camron Saunders:

Thomas Schubert:

Elif Gonen:

Sound designer and Post-Production Audio Engineer:

Michal Thomas Czerniak:

Vanessa Garber:

Graphic and Web designer:

BAFTA Connect Member Sharon Sibyl Gatt:

Editor and Animation:




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