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TRIGGER was created by Yorgo Glynatsis, directed by Chloe Potamiti and Yorgo Glynatsis and produced by Eleni Savva.  The film won the award for Best International Film at the Fuse International Film Festival in Kingston (UK) and was selected in International LGBTQI+ Festivals such as Pride Pictures ( Germany), Queer International Film Festival Playa de Carmen ( Mexico), Gay Binge Film Festival (USA), The South London Film Festival: Pride showcase (UK), Queerbee Festival ( UK). Recently, London Friend organised a special screening and Q&A of TRIGGER in collaboration with SURVIVORS UK at the LGBTQ+ community centre in London. The film is distributed worldwide by Gonella Productions and is available on Amazon Prime UK and US as part of "These Untold Secrets", a compilation of 5 powerful and impactful lgbtqi+ short films.

Screenshot 2023-02-12 at 23.03.19.png

Anthony, a twenty-nine-year-old mixed European actor and cabin crew member, auditions for the reality TV show ‘Dream Island.’ The casting director immediately asks stereotyping questions, about his sexual orientation and consequently his taste in men. The questions become darker and more disturbing, triggering a memory of a London house party, and a traumatic event in his life.

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