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Well Proud
Docuseries for Metro Charity ( UK)


Well Proud is an award winning short docu series film from Metro charity exploring mental health and wellbeing among LGBTQ+ identifying, Black and Global Majority members of the community in Lewisham (UK).
The film is directed and produced by emerging filmmakers Yorgo Glynatsis and Charlene Frost.


Type: Documentary, Short Film
Production Company: Metro Charity ( UK)
Length: 19min23
Language: English (Subtitles in English)
Production Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2023
Directors: Yorgo Glynatsis and Charlene Frost

Producers: Yorgo Glynatsis and Charlene Frost

Cast: Omar Romero Quezada, Korren- Afendi Howel, Marleigh Lane, Rassai Marleigh Frost, Kemal Ibrahim, Tyron Salih.


Festivals & Awards

Winner - Best Short Documentary The South London Film Festival ( United Kingdom/2024)

Finalists - Charity Film Awards ( United Kingdom/2024)

Official Selection - Pink Life Queerfest ( Turkey/2024)

Official Selection - Best Community Short Film Iris Prize Film Festival ( United KIngdom/2023)

Official Selection - Film Pride: The Brighton & Hove Pride Film Festival ( United Kingdom/2023)

Official Selection - Gay Binge Film Festival ( USA/ 2023)


Well Proud_Screening Version_Final.00_01_04_04.Still014.png
Well Proud_Screening Version_Final.00_07_48_03.Still004.png
Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 00.19.00.png
Well Proud_Screening Version_Final.00_16_18_21.Still007.png
Well Proud_Screening Version_Final.00_09_17_19.Still005.png

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