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Petros, a Widowed Cypriot Man, attends his son’s engagement party although tolerant of his son’s homosexuality he is yet to be truly accepting of him. Over Koupepia, a traditional Cypriot delicacy, he meets Eleni - a British Cypriot Transgender Woman. The two appear to have nothing in common but bond over the food of their heritage reframing Petros’ relationship to his son, queer people and the Cypriot identity. Can people be more than what we assume?


Koupepia is written by Sophia Vi, directed by Yorgo Glynatsis and produced by Koupepia Films Ltd in association with House of Glynatsis Productions, 11 little films Ltd and Watermelon Films in partnership with Trans On Screen. Koupepia is in the format of a 10-15 mins short film and was filmed in August 2023 in London (UK). The film is currently in post-production and is due to have its world premiere and hitting worldwide film festivals from next year. Koupepia is a proof of concept for a 6-part TV series to be developed from 2024.

Updates coming soon…

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